Everyone’s skin has different needs at different times of the year or in different climates so make sure you think about switching up your skin care for optimal skin health. When the barometer makes those seasonal shifts, use this as an indicator that its time to make some changes.

To give you an example of what I mean, if you live in an arid climate, whether that be warm or cold, keeping your skin hydrated is a full time challenge. I have found that adding a barrier type moisturizer (I personally love Dermalogica’s Barrier Repair) works best to maintain moisture levels, either in a cream or oil formula.

How-To: After cleansing,use the Pocket Spa to add a veil of moisture to your skin. Immediately apply your barrier moisturizer of choice to lock in the extra hydration. Your skin should stay supple throughout the day and you can always top up with a round of Pocket Spa anytime you feel the need.

By comparison, when it comes to places where high humidity is commonplace, it can wreck havoc on the skin! This can cause your skin have enlarge pores, to over produce natural oils, and attract external pollutants so you don’t want to use oil-based moisturizers. This can cause breakouts and skin imbalances, and generally leave your skin looking and feeling oily.

How-To: Clean the skin well with a light cleanser that is either water-based or a phosphate-free foaming wash. This will not strip the skin but will remove any excess oils from it. Use the Pocket Spa for one cycle, over the entire face and neck areas. Now immediately apply a gel or water based moisturizing cream ( one of my favorites is by Laneige) or lotion and let it settle into the skin. Finally, top off with another cycle of the Pocket Spa to add extra hydration and to cool the skin. This should leave your skin well moisturized and yet light feeling with a dewy finish.