I recently took part in the Total Beauty Press Event in New York, Here are a few video clips as I explained the benefits of the Pocket Spa to the many Editors in attendance.

Best Kelley

The Perfect Flying Companion

The Pocket Spa will keep your skin fresh and hydrated even at thirty thousand feet, so you arrive looking your beautiful best.

Boost Your Skincare Regime

The Pocket Spa helps pull skincare products deeper into your skin, giving a better result.

Find Your Happy Place

For when need a moment where you just want to calm down.

Hydration Without Wetness

The tiny water droplets are absorbed into skin to hydrated without wetness.

Makeup Lasts Longer

The Pocket Spa helps Makeup Artists keep makeup looking fresh.

Hydration Without Oil or Chemicals

The Pocket Spa hydrates and moisturized with plain water.

Sets Makeup Faster

The Pocket Spa fast forwards makeup to it’s sweet spot.

Models Love The Pocket Spa

“My Models are always hanging round my table using the Pocket Spa”

Spritz Without Wetting Your Hair

The Pocket Spa’s tiny water droplets won’t make hair fizzy or damp.

Moisturize With Plain Water

The Pocket Spa takes plain water and makes it super effective..

Plays Well With Others

The Pocket Spa helps to pull product deeper into the skin.

My Pocket Spa Schedule

Kelley’s Pocket Spa schedule for youthful looking skin.

Protects Makeup From Oxidizing

The Water droplets can penetrate makeup to help it last longer.

Makeup Lasts Longer

The Pocket Spa protects against oxidization so makeup lasts longer

The Perfect Flying Companion

The Pocket Spa compensates for the super dry air at thirty thousand feet.

Works With All Skin Types

The Pocket Spa works with all skin types for healthy looking skin.

You Can’t Overuse The Pocket Spa

The Pocket Spa uses plain water so you can’t over use it!.

Refillable and Rechargeable

The Pocket Spa is refillable and rechargeable so it’s not a throw away item.