Moisturizing 101

To understand how the Pocket Spa works and why it’s so revolutionary, a quick biology lesson is in order. Let’s call it Moisturizing 101!

Here goes.

Our skin comprises of three layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous. When balanced, the water content of the epidermis, which is the skins outer layer, is around 30%. When the moisture content drops below this level, skin starts to feel tight; looking dry and tired. Physiologically, under these conditions the surface cells are shedding faster that the body can regenerate new ones and the bodies natural exfoliation process is accelerated, causing dead cells to form into a flaky, rough layer of skin. The classic signs of premature aging.

Imagine a sponge drying out, going from being soft and pliable to hard and brittle.

Not a pretty picture.

To combat dryness, the body works to maintain optimum moisture levels through a process known as the “natural moisturizing factor”. This function limits natural water loss by regulating water flow from the deeper layers of the skin.

Unfortunately water is all too easily depleted from the skin – especially the face – by natural and environmental factors like soaps, detergents, exposure to cold air, heating systems, air-conditioning, air travel and UV from the sun. There are also air pollutants, dust, pollen and an untold number of hazards that relentlessly assail us all day long.

One solution is to apply a moisturizing cream, of which there a thousands on the market and which, generally fall into two categories: humectants and occlusives. Humectants attract water from the depths of the dermis or the surrounding atmosphere to help hydrate the skin. Occlusives create an oily film on the skin’s surface to seal in moisture and prevent it from evaporating into the atmosphere.

Two different approaches to reach the same end: Maintain the correct water content in the skin, keeping it elastic and young looking and to normalize the cell turnover and slow down the aging effect of dry skin. Each is effective to a point but as many dermatologists agree, over-moisturizing can actually destroy skin’s natural balance. Leaving us with a classic rock and a hard place dilemma! To moisturize or not? How much and how often?

Science has long known the answer to this problem is to add the water without the oil, unfortunately water cannot be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin; in liquid form it’s too cohesive and adhesive, meaning that the water particles stick together and adhere to the skins surface and even as steam or an aerosol spritz, the droplets are too large for penetration.

Now for the first time that has all changed thanks to The Pocket Spa. Using advances in nano technology this little device transforms plain water into a micro-vapor that is small and delicate enough to penetrate deeply into the skin offering instant relief for dry parched skin.

How it works: Water passes through a mechanism creating a micro-vapor with droplets as small as 8µm (microns), that’s smaller than condensing steam and smaller than water from an aerosol can and most importantly it’s small enough to penetrate deep into the skin where it can rebalance the water content, returning it to its natural elastic condition.

But the revolution doesn’t stop there! Because the water micro-vapor is so fine it can penetrate through makeup as well which helps to keep your skin stay hydrated and your makeup fresh, all day long.

This is game changer; a giant step forward in skin care. This is science and technology working together to solve the age old problem of dry and prematurely aging skin.

Join the revolution. It’s beautiful!

Kelley Quan, Makeup Artist on Instagram