Kelley Quan New York was founded in 2012 by internationally renowned makeup artist and skin care expert Kelley Quan. Using her knowledge and expertise Kelley first developed a collection professional grade, cruelty free, vegan makeup brushes which are endorsed by PETA .

Kelley, who is committed to chemical and cruelty free beauty recently introduced the Pocket Spa; a revolutionary new device that brings a new solution to the age-old problem of dry and prematurely aging skin. The Pocket Spa produces a micro-mist of tiny water droplets that are small enough to infuse into the skin where they instantly hydrates dry, parched skin. Relieving tightness, softening the signs of aging and leaving skin looking dewy and fresh.

Kelley Quan who has been a professional makeup artist for 25 years developed the Pocket Spa in answer the one question that she has been asked most often. “How do I get and keep beautiful youthful looking skin?” Her answer is always “Stay hydrated!” And with the Pocket Spa she provided a new and better way to keep skin hydrated anywhere, anytime.


Hi I’m Kelley. I’m a working makeup artist in New York City, I love makeup, I love my job and I love this business! It’s fun and exciting and I’m surrounded by some of the most passionate, creative people in the world. Here are a few recent shoots I’ve worked on and you can see my complete portfolio here.

Lots of love