Try using the Pocket Spa after your favorite mask to soothe the skin and soften pores. Follow up with your favorite emollient and while that is infusing into your skin add some of your favorite floral water (without any oils – IMPORTANT!) to the water in the chamber of the Pocket Spa and finish off with a round of cool fragrant mist to complete your spa experience. I have created two special blends of waters called Aquasols™ that will keep the skin in great condition and relax the mind at the same time. ReFresh is for day and it wakens and freshens the skin with a blend of lime, Melissa and Rosemary. This blend is a wonderful pick me up for the skin and senses, perfect for morning or day use. ReGenerate is a heady blend of Rose, Neroli, Melissa and regenerative Frankincense to calm and soothe the skin. It’s a great hydrosol that prepares the skin for a calming and regenerative rest.

Both formulas are made with organic floral and herbal ingredients and are produced in micro batches to maintain freshness and efficacy.