“This Product Literally Changes The Game”


“My secret weapon to moisturizing my skin throughout a long flight is the Pocket Spa by Kelley Quan. Airplanes are super drying, so I don’t travel without it. You might think other water misting sprays will do the trick, but this product literally changes the game. The mist is so fine you can feel it absorbing into your skin rather than bouncing off like normal water sprays.”

AYA KANAI, Executive Fashion Director at Cosmopolitan and Seventeen.

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The Pocket Spa®

Dewy, Fresh and Youthful Looking Skin!

Made possible by nano technology, the Pocket Spa turns ordinary water into a micro-mist of tiny water droplets that are small enough to penetrate the skin, instantly hydrating and moisturizing dry skin; relieving tightness, softening the signs of aging and leaving skin looking dewy and fresh.