Kelley Quan New York Press Kit & Reviews

“This Product Literally Changes The Game”


“My secret weapon to moisturizing my skin throughout a long flight is the Pocket Spa by Kelley Quan. Airplanes are super drying, so I don’t travel without it. You might think other water misting sprays will do the trick, but this product literally changes the game. The mist is so fine you can feel it absorbing into your skin rather than bouncing off like normal water sprays.”

AYA KANAI, Executive Fashion Director at Cosmopolitan and Seventeen.
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No Ordinary Beauty Gadget

When Ruby Hammer speaks makeup professionals listen,

With a career in the beauty industry spanning 25 years, Ruby has become one of the best-known, loved and respected make up artists in the business. Strongly believing that make-up shouldn’t be a mask, she urges women to use make up to emphasize their best features and to embrace what’s unique about their face. Her philosophy is to celebrate the positive aspects, whilst playing down perceived flaws.
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AMAZING New Beauty Secret

I am sharing with you an AMAZING new beauty “secret” that has quickly become a daily staple in my skincare arsenal. As a makeup artist, I love makeup. However as any good makeup artist will tell you, the foundation for a beautifully created makeup look, starts with great skin. I am obsessive about my skincare routine, and wish that more people took time to pamper their skin the way it should be treated… [read more]

Liza Nicole Chung

Makeup Matters

I Simply Flipped Out

Kelley used this atomiser spray on my face that I simply flipped out over and had never seen anything like it before. You see, I love Rosewater spray and I’m a huge fan of hydrating my skin – I use it everyday as a part of my daily routine. I asked Kelley where I could get it from and she told me she invented it and came up with the concept. Genius! [read more]


Hold The Glamour

I Can’t Live Without The Pocket Spa

Kelley is a make-up artist who is equally as beautiful as she is talented. She has been in the make-up biz for twenty years and has created her own line of quality Vegan Beauty Brushes that are Peta certified. All while creating a gadget, I can’t live without the Pocket Spa… [read more]

Mercedes Yvette

Conscious Cutie