A Revolutionary New Device that Instantly Hydrates and Moisturizes Dry, Parched Skin. Softening the Signs of Aging and Leaving Skin Dewy, and Fresh.

The Revolution will be Beautiful!

A new and unique form of facial skincare made possible by advances in nano technology. The Pocket Spa turns plain water into a miracle-mist® of tiny water droplets that are small enough to penetrate the skin to hydrate and moisturize without the aid of oil or chemicals.

Under optimum conditions the skins outer layers are around 15% water, at this level the skin is supple, flexible and cell regeneration is harmonious within the epidermis layer of the skin. 

However water is all too easily depleted by natural and environmental factors such as soaps, detergents, dry air, heating systems, air-conditioning, air travel and UV from the sun. There are also air pollutants, dust, pollen and an untold number of other hazards relentlessly assailing us, and of course our face is on the front line of these attacks.

As the skin dries, it tightens and the body starts to shed cells faster than new ones are created, this results in dead cells forming into a flaky, rough layer of skin. The classic signs of premature aging.

How the Pocket Spa® can help.
With the help of science and technology The Pocket Spa combats dry skin in a totally new and innovative way. Using advances in nano technology this little device is able to transform plain water into a miracle-mist™ of tiny water droplets that are small and delicate enough to penetrate deeply and offer instant relief to dry, tight skin.

Over-moisturizing with oil-based creams can upset the skin’s natural balance but hydrating with water has no side-effects, other than gorgeous skin!

The droplets are smaller that those of condensing steam used in spa treatments and smaller that those from aerosol and they will never leave skin wet, just glowing and hydrated. The Pocket Spa’s droplets are so small they can penetrates through makeup, hydrating the skin and keeping makeup looking fresh throughout the day, evening and into the night.

Relative Size of Water Droplets

Pocket Spa – 8µm (microns)
Condensing Hot Steam – 100µm (microns)
Drizzle – 300µm (microns)
Normal Rain – 1mm

Features & Benefits

  • Tiny 8µm (microns) water droplets penetrate deep in to the skin.
  • Micro-mist instantly hydrates to soothe and rejuvenate dry, parched, tired and blemished skin.
  • Creates a dewy look: Moisture without wetness for a healthy, vibrant looking complexion.
The convenience of a home spa experience, anytime, anywhere.

  • Great for all skin-types.
  • Refillable: Wide mouth water tank makes refilling easy.
  • Use pre and post cleansing and after all skincare and makeup application.
  • Relieves dry skin after sun exposure.
  • Natural hydration for skin during air travel and in extremely dry or controlled climates.
  • Softens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery via USB.

RETAIL PRICE: Kelley Quan Pocket Spa. Retail Price $85.00

AVAILABILITY: Jan 2016 at kelleyquan.com

Kelley Quan New York LLC was founded in 2012 by internationally renowned makeup artist and skin care expert Kelley Quan. Using her knowledge and expertise Kelley first developed a collection professional grade, cruelty free, vegan makeup brushes which are endorsed by PETA .

Kelley Quan, who has been a professional makeup artist for 25 years developed the Pocket Spa in answer the one question that she has been asked most often. “How do I get and keep beautiful youthful looking skin?” Her answer is always “Stay hydrated!” And with the pocket Spa she has developed a new and better way to keep skin hydrated..