Naturopathy: A form of alternative medicine employing a wide array of “natural” solutions

What could be more natural than water! The Pocket Spa creates a cloud of tiny water droplets that can penetrate and moisturize skin naturally. In days of old such a thing could only have been achieved with magic, but thanks to nano technology moisturizers just became obsolete.


Makeup Artist Kelley Quan

Natural healthy looking skin that glows is an aesthetic I believe in and it’s a look I’ve spent my entire career working to perfect. In my search for the translucent look that I love, I’ve tried many different water based products but it wasn’t until I took matters into my own hands and developed the Pocket Spa – a revolutionary device that uses nana-technology to produce a moisture-mist of tiny water droplets that penetrates deep into the skin – that I truly had a tool that worked time after time on all skin types to produce the finish I covet. A glow that doesn’t look oily, just radiant!

So go get your glow on and learn how the Pocket Spa can help you.


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