Water Droplets That Penetrate Deeper and Hydrate Better

This diagram shows the 4 outer layers of the epidermis: Stratum Lucidum, Stratum granulosum, Stratum spinosum and Stratum Basale.

Under optimum conditions the skins outer layers are comprised of around 30% water, at this level the skin is supple, flexible and cell regeneration is harmonious within the epidermis layer of the skin.

However water is all too easily depleted by natural and environmental factors such as soaps, detergents, cold air, low humidity, heating systems, air-conditioning, air travel and UV from the sun. There are also air pollutants, dust, pollen and an untold number of other hazards relentlessly assailing us and of course our face is on the front line of these attacks.

As the skin dries, it tightens and the body starts to shed cells faster than new ones are created, this results in dead cells forming into a flaky, rough layer of skin. The classic signs of premature aging.

The Pocket Spa Can Help

With the help of science, engineering and technology The Pocket Spa helps you fight back in a totally new and innovative way. Using nano technology this compact device is able to transform plain water into a micro-mist of tiny water droplets that are small and delicate enough to penetrate deeply and offer instant relief to dry, tight skin.

The droplets are smaller that those of condensing steam, spa treatments and smaller that those from aerosol options and they will never leave skin wet, just glowing and hydrated. The Pocket Spa’s droplets are so small they can penetrates through makeup, hydrating the skin and keeping makeup looking fresh throughout the day, evening and into the night.

Kelley Quan, Makeup Artist on Instagram