Seven Reasons Professional Makeup Artists Will Love The Pocket Spa


Makeup Artist Kelley Quan

Natural healthy looking skin that glows is an aesthetic I believe in and it’s a look I’ve spent my entire career working to perfect. In my search for the translucent look that I love I’ve tried many different water based products but it wasn’t until I took matters into my own hands and developed the Pocket Spa – a revolutionary device that uses nana-technology to produce a moisture-mist of tiny water droplets that penetrates deep into the skin – that I truly had a tool that worked time after time on all skin types to produce the finish I covet. A glow that doesn’t look oily, just radiant!

So go get your glow on and learn how the Pocket Spa can help you.


1. Relax Your Client And Wipe Away The Years

Whether working on models, celebrities or brides helping them relax will wipe away the years by removing the aging effect of tight facial muscles. Every artist has their own tricks to achieve this. Kelley’s favorite is a facial massage – concentrating on the stress points – a gentle word and the Pocket Spa!

The Pocket Spa works wonders and delivers instant results, it’s also a great icebreaker that lets the client know they are in good hands.

2. Take Control

Being enveloped in the Pocket Spa’s fluffy moisture cloud is an incredibly intimate and sensory experience that will have the grumpiest, coffee deprived model melting like butter, allowing you, the Artist, to take control.

3. Create The Perfect Canvas for Your Masterpiece

Occasionally a client has perfect skin but on days when the Artists talents are tested to the max the Pocket Spa is a huge help as it restores the skins natural moisture balance, without oils or chemicals, so the skin’s natural chemistry is preserved – making it much easier to work with. It’s like priming a canvas before painting a masterpiece.

4. Skin And Makeup Are Visually Improved

The effects of the Pocket Spa’s moisturizing-mist are immediately noticeable, especially if the client has not been taking care of their skin, not been drinking enough water or the environment is very dry. Further, to the professional makeup artist’s eye the results go beyond simply reducing the tightness, fine lines and dullness – the results are transformative; brightening the skin and giving it a luminance that seems to emanate from beneath the surface with or without makeup.

5. Makeup faster Sets Faster

After the makeup is complete it takes a while to set properly, to hit it’s sweet spot. Using the Pocket Spa can fast forward this process as the tiny water droplets penetrate the makeup helping it settle faster. This is a huge asset at photoshoots or anytime you on a deadline.

6. Makeup Lasts Longer

Once makeup and other products are applied they undergo a number of changes as they interact with the skin’s natural chemistry – a combination of moisture, oils and amino acids. Whether the clients skin is overly dry or the air in the environment is, the effect on the makeup is the same and without consistent hydration even the most expensive makeup will begin to look old and tired, fast.

The Pocket Spa’s water droplets are small enough to penetrate into and through the makeup thus keeping the skin hydrated and the product moist and looking freshly applied all day long.

7. Nature Based, Less Artificial

As more and more people look for natural ways to keep their skin looking its best the Pocket Spa is the perfect green solution. It is the only device that produces water droplets small enough to penetrate the skin without the aid of oil, chemicals or additives – just pure and natural.

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